"It's been an honor to represent you in the Senate. During this time, I have worked hard to bring change to Rhode Island and we are delivering results. From improving our business climate and schools to cutting taxes and spending, we have been moving forward. Please join me on November 6th in continuing to demand a better Rhode Island to live in and do business."

- Senator Ryan Pearson


Jobs - economic development and improved business climate

Senator Pearson has made creating a strong Rhode Island economy a top priority since first elected. Reforming the personal income tax, corporate tax, unemployment insurance, energy tax and many regulations our business climate is vastly improved. He has also supported job training programs along with free college tuition to give every Rhode Islander the opportunity to upskill to a good paying job. 

There is more work to do and Senator Pearson wants to continue this focus to make our business climate stronger and ensure all Rhode Islanders have opportunity here at home. 


Increased state aid to lower local property taxes

During the 2016 campaign, Senator Pearson heard clearly that residents wanted local property tax relief. For senior citizens, the car tax in particular was a heavy burden. In the last two years, the car tax is now on it's way to elimination and taxes have been reduced for every resident. 

In addition, delivering millions in education aid to both Cumberland and Lincoln has not only helped the classroom but has reduced the burden on local property taxes. For the town of Lincoln, Senator Pearson has ensured $7.9MM from Twin River flows to the town each year allowing for capital improvements across town with no local tax burden. 

Going forward, Senator Pearson want to see local property taxes continue to be reduced by directing additional state dollars to our community.

Education - improved student performance & funding

For our state to be successful in the long term, the Senator believes education is the cornerstone. If our students are well prepared they will make the companies they work for successful. If our companies and residents are successful our state is successful.


Senator Pearson has been a leader on the education funding formula fighting to make sure that every student in every school has the resources they need. He has led efforts to link this work to student achievement and  has sponsored a resolution requiring the Board of Education to make recommendations on additional reforms to improve results overall. Looking ahead to the next session, Senator Pearson would like continue making these connections to move our schools forward.

Fiscally responsible state government

With a $9 billion state budget it is important every single dollar be carefully allocated. Using his leadership position on the Senate Finance Committee, Senator Pearson has worked to hold departments accountable, partner with them on cost saving ideas and put the reigns on state spending. Just this last session when the Office of Postsecondary Commissioner sought to utilize scholarship monies for salaries and operating expenses, Senator Pearson ensured this did not happen and the reserves remained dedicated to scholarships for Rhode Island students. In addition, the Senator believes we must always be making the right long term fiscal decisions for our health. Working to cut the structural deficits, keep pensions well funded and overall ensure financial health will remain a top priority. 

Improved parks and recreational opportunities

Parks and recreational assets are key to our community. Partnering with local organizations the Senator has worked to support these endeavors and will continue to do so. Specifically, the Senator would like to partner with town leaders to reinvigorate Diamond Hill Park and ensure new parks are brought online in the Valley Falls area.

Investments in infrastructure

It was no secret that our roads, bridges, ports, water lines and other critical infrastructure needed help. Senator Pearson has worked with his colleagues and implemented a plan to invest $1 billion over 10 years and that work is now underway. Delivering millions to Cumberland and Lincoln, Senator Pearson will keep his focus on ensuring our needs are met with state financial resources.

Improved senior center and services

Representing Cumberland and Lincoln there is no secret that Lincoln has a robust senior services offering and state of the art facility. Senator Pearson believes that by working with local Cumberland leaders together we can update our services and he is calling for a new senior center in Cumberland. He also will continue to ensure state grants are awarded to keep the senior center missions in Cumberland and Lincoln strong.