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Sen. Pearson Announces Re-Election Campaign

Senator Ryan Pearson (D- Cumberland/Lincoln) announced he will seek re-election to the Rhode Island Senate Today representing the towns of Cumberland and Lincoln.

“I am excited today to announce my intention to seek re-election to the Rhode Island Senate. It has been a privilege to serve the people of Cumberland and Lincoln for the last six years as your Senator. When first elected, I pledged to focus relentlessly on our economy and jobs, improve our education system and invest in our infrastructure. I have kept those issues as my priorities each year and there is no doubt together we have gotten a lot done.

I have been proud to support efforts to make our economy stronger and it is now breaking job records. We must continue these efforts statewide and locally supporting business but also ensuring job training and education for all of our residents in order to secure a well paying job.

On the education front we have had a ton of success in K-12, increasing education aid to Cumberland by $7MM and Lincoln by $4MM. This has not only been great for our students providing more resources, but it has also helped to limit the monies needed from local property tax dollars for education.

As Chairman of the Finance Sub-Committee overseeing the statewide school construction plan, I made sure Cumberland and Lincoln got the best deal possible. Cumberland will be eligible for up to 65% reimbursement vs. a historical rate of around 40%. Lincoln will receive incentives retroactively for the already underway Lincoln High School project saving the taxpayers of Lincoln up to $8.4MM.

Residents also deserve well maintained public assets and I have been proud to direct state dollars to our communities for roads, new parks, maintaining the Blackstone River, Franklin Farm and the Cumberland Land Trust.

While fighting for key investments reducing the tax burden on constituents has been equally as important. Knocking on doors throughout the last election cycle I heard from many the need to save and have been proud to work on a plan reducing the car tax each year until it is phased out as well as key state tax breaks such as cutting the taxes on social security income and pensions.

I am excited to hit the campaign trail this Summer and Fall to talk about our work to continue making Rhode Island a great place to live and do business. I humbly ask all residents of Cumberland and Lincoln for your continued support.”

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